About Camp Architecture:

Camp Architecture offers different activities, field trips, and hands on design fun.

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Camp Architecture

Camp Architecture

For students entering grades 3-8
$335 / camper / week

Registration Open!

Week 1: June 3 – 7, 2019
Week 2: June 10 – 14, 2019
Week 3: June 17 – 21, 2019

About Camp Architecture

2019 Curriculum Coming Soon!

Camp Architecture 2018 Curriculum

Camp Architecture will explore different scales of the world of design, introducing campers to the field of architecture and many related design industries.

• Campers will be introduced to the theme of ZOO-H-I-O, and learn about the challenges designers face each day creating for a vastly diverse world through the design of a city for animals. Throughout the week, campers will work in groups using this theme, focusing on different disciplines of design that will ultimately come together as a large project.
• Campers will be introduced to architectural scale and construct to-scale models of different types of animals that will be used throughout the week as part of each activity.
• Campers will be introduced to structural engineering through an activity led by professionals in the structural engineering field.

• Campers will visit the Columbus Zoo and participate in a set of activities that will help them learn about different animals and their habitats.
• Campers will be introduced to architecture and participate in an activity planned by architecture professionals that aligns with the ZOO-H-I-O theme.
• Campers will be introduced to landscape architecture and participate in an activity planned by landscape architecture professionals that aligns with the ZOO-H-I-O theme.

• Campers will be introduced to interior design by faculty from the Columbus College of Art and Design and participate in various interior design-related activities.

• Campers will learn more about architecture and interior design and participate in an activity planned by architecture and interior design professionals that aligns with the ZOO-H-I-O theme.
• Campers will work on their architecture-based portion of the project.

• Campers will be introduced to city and regional planning and participate in an activity planned by planning professionals.
• Campers will finish their group projects.
• Campers will present their projects to parents and visitors in the afternoon.

High School Design Studio

High School Design Studio

For students entering grades 9-12
$560 / camper

Registration Open!

June 10 – 21, 2019

Two-week camp

About High School Design Studio

2019 Curriculum Coming Soon!

High School Design Studio 2018 Curriculum

High School Design Studio focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of design and sketching in order to set a foundation in the fields of architecture, interior design, industrial design, landscape architecture, and city and regional planning.

First Week – June 11 – 15
• Big Tower Competition – Working in teams, students will build a tall tower in the main space at Knowlton. The goal is to get students moving, to know each other and understand material integrity.

• Students will take a field trip to the office of NBBJ, an international architecture firm at 250 S. High Street, for a tour and to learn about the design process for the firm’s latest project, 80 Commons. A tour of international landscape design firm, MKSK,
and the firm’s design for the Scioto River Downtown is also planned.

• Students will be introduced to landscape architecture through printmaking.
• Students will be introduced to city and regional planning and participate in an activity led by city and regional planning professionals.

• Students will be introduced to architecture and participate in a mini studio project.
• Students will design furniture and work on a project in pairs (we emphasize team work since the design industry focuses on collaboration).

• Students will continue to work on their mini studio projects, which will include drawings and full-scale models.

Second Week – June 18 – 22
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
• Introduction to Studio – Every design discipline has a studio component, so the second week of HSDS focuses on only studio to give students an introduction to completing a studio project. We will present to them an introduction to drawings and model making. The project is non-design discipline specific and focuses on expanding students’ ability to problem-solve and think in three dimensions. On these days, students also will receive feedback from local professionals during the various stages of their projects.

• Faculty from the Columbus College of Art and Design will visit Knowlton to teach students about fashion and industrial design. Students will participate in fashion and industrial design projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Camp Architecture and High School Design Studio take place?

Both programs take place at the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University, where the school’s studio spaces and other resources can be utilized.

How will campers be split into groups?

Campers in both Camp Architecture and High School Design Studio will be split into groups based on grade level. While Camp Architecture is open to children entering grades 3 through 8, campers will only be in groups with campers close in age. Programming and activities will be appropriately tailored to each group. High School Design Studio participants will generally be divided with rising high school freshmen and sophomores in one group, juniors and seniors in another.

When can I find out more information about the programming my child will be doing as part of Camp Architecture or High School Design Studio?

Our programming committees are currently working hard to develop a fun, educational and enriching camp program for your child. More specific details including the schedule for the week will be available prior to the start of camp.

Who will be overseeing my child during camp?

Campers will be placed into groups with 5-8 other children and will be directly overseen by a Camp Counselor. The Camp Counselors are college students studying architecture, design, landscape architecture, or city and regional planning. All Camp Counselors go through training and are required to obtain both BCI and FBI background checks. The Camp Counselors are overseen by a Camp Director who is in charge of the day to day running of the camp.

What are the hours of the camps and is there an after care option?

Camp runs 9am-3pm daily. Daily flexible drop off from 8am-9am and flexible pick-up from 3pm-4pm is provided for Camp Architecture participants. Supervision is not provided for High School Design Studio participants before 9am or after 3pm, but HSDS participants may participate in Camp Architecture before/after care if needed. A late fee of $1 per minute, per child will be collected if your child is picked up after 4pm. Please note that on the last day of each program (Friday), there is no flexible pick up and camp ends following the parent exhibition.

How does parent pick-up and drop-off work? How do I park on campus?

Pick-up and drop-off happens along Ives Drive, to the south of the Knowlton School of Architecture. This is a No Parking zone, so we will have counselors available to greet parents and bring their child(ren) into the building and out to the waiting car at the end of the day. We do ask that parents park and come into the school on the first day of camp to meet the camp directors and counselors and to make sure we have all of the necessary paperwork for their child. On the last day of the camp, we have a parent open house and presentation/exhibition of the activities done throughout the camp. For these days, public parking is available in the nearby Tuttle Park garage across the street from the Knowlton School.

What is the cost of Camp Architecture?

The cost of the one-week Camp Architecture is $335 / camper.

What is the cost of High School Design Studio?

The cost of the two-week High School Design Studio program is $560 / camper.

Do you provide scholarships for Camp?

Yes, need-based scholarship requests can be found at this link: https://www.columbuscfad.org/camp-architecture/register/scholarships/

To be considered for a scholarship, campers will need to have a teacher, principal, or non-family member adult fill out a recommendation form, found here: https://www.columbuscfad.org/camp-architecture/register/scholarships/recommendation/

Do campers need to provide their own lunch?

Campers must bring their own lunch and water bottle daily. NOTE: Refrigeration will not be provided.